Victorian Shoot



We are privileged to have The Imperial Theatre in our beautiful city.  From the outside it doesn’t look like anything other than just an ordinary theatre marquee, but wait until you go inside!!  Absolutely amazing!!!

We advertised with them as well as lodged one of the producers and so they in turn bless us with free tickets to 2 different plays – it doesn’t even matter if you enjoy the play or not, it is just a privilege to be sitting in such surroundings (thankfully I especially have enjoyed the experience and the plays, so much so I am signing up for a yearly subscription).  I was also given free front row tickets to the upcoming Mama Mia which I am very excited about – I am going to make it a “me” day with supper and show.  It would be great to make it an “us” day but Dwight isn’t quite into musicals.

But the Imperial Theatre were also generous in renting Dwight some beautiful Victorian gowns and he was in his glory as he took up his camera again after what seems to be quite a long sabbatical.  It seems to be quite a good pairing.


How Would You Like This For Your New Home????

Around the corner from the Inn is a beautiful (as you can see) church building known as The Gothic Arches.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your mindset), many of the beautiful churches are either being sold or torn down.

Fortunately, this one has been sold to a young developer from Toronto who is developing the building into condominiums and hoping to keep much of the original architecture (what we could do with one of those stained glass windows in our Inn).

We are looking forward to seeing how it progresses and the end result.

He had an open house for photographers and Dwight was especially glad to jump at the opportunity as he has wanted to get into the building and take pictures since he arrived here – and it was a great chance to get back into his passion.  And as you can see, he has not lost any of his giftedness.